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The Hoops Association is a collective of 10,000 art pieces carefully developed for Hoops fans. A unique collection of Hoops with special utility on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each piece is specifically picked to remind us that ball is life and it’s fun for everyone whether you play in the NBA or just pickup games with pals.  

Owning a custom Hoop grants you creative and commercial rights, as well as inclusion in the exclusive Hoops community. 

You don’t need to own an NFT to participate. All are welcome to join the discord and be a part of the ultimate basketball community.

We are releasing 10k unique Hoop NFTs. The 8 variating features include: net, rim, pole, backboard shape, backboard material, backboard border, shooter’s square, and maybe a hat. A 9th feature available is a customizable sticker option for NFT holders after the mint. Place up to 3 stickers of your choice on your Hoop NFT. Use stickers to show what team you’re passionate about or just use them to express yourself!

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Our Roadmap

The Hoops Association is more than a passion project. Hoop lovers know that basketball is a way of life. That’s what this project is for us. Each milestone will unlock as Hoops are minted.

Ticket Concierge Services provided to all NFT holders

Like going to games in style? We partnered with a concierge company to offer a first class experience to our exclusive Hoops community. Human to human customer service for first class ticket purchasing and game experience.

Show your Hoop NFT and get treated right. 
Click Here to learn more about Entertainment Concierge.

Rarity Sniper / Rarity Tools integration

Check the rarity of your Hoop’s traits with the Rarity Sniper and Rarity Tools software.

Fee discounts on NBA tickets where applicable.

Using the concierge service for NBA games just got better. Most tickets on the resale market can be purchased with little to no fees by our concierge professionals. We are passing these discounts on to our NFT holders whenever possible. Find the tickets you want and send them to our specialized concierge channel, and we’ll match or beat the price.

Launch Merch Store

Our art director is a vibe. You're going to love his famous minimalist designs of your favorite sports teams. He and the team of artist have been crafting and selecting some iconic displays to help you represent your Hooping spirit as well as your favorite team.

Community Gaming

Prize pools for basketball predictions, daily fantasy, and other interactive activities amongst the community members. Get Hyped!

Special Guest AMA with NBA player

A special guest NBA Player will join our discord for a video AMA with the entire community.

Unlock Your Favorite Teams' Stickers

At 60% mint we enable stickers so you can brand your Hoop with your favorite teams custom badge. Place up to 3 stickers on your Hoop. Use our web portal to update your metadata and declare your faction. 

Basketball Art Airdrop

Hold on to your Hoops because if you own 2 Hoops we will airdrop you a Ball. If you own two Hoops and a ball then we will airdrop you a court design.

$50,000 March Madness Tournament

Each Hoop NFT will get you one entry to our exclusive March Madness Bracket Tournament. If you own 5 Hoops, you get 5 entries. We will be giving away $50,000 in prizes and the winner will have their name permanently cemented in the Hoops Hall of Fame. Repeats annually, prize will vary based on floor price or volume. Beginning in 2023.

Blacktop MetaCourts

Enter the Blacktop MetaCourts… Own two Hoops, a ball, and a court and you will be able to mint your court on our blacktop or other metaverse compatible locations. Show off your avatar's NFT wearables and style on the court.


Once this project is sold out... HOOPS Fest will be born. Barring the unknown, Hoops Association would team up with Medium-Rare to bring our NFT holders an all out bash at NBA All Star weekend each year.

Click here to learn more about Medium-Rare.


Our final goal is to create a $HOOPS token DAO surrounded by supporting our community. All of our sustainable businesses built within the Hoops community will accept $HOOPS tokens for all purchases—any event ticket, Hoops Fest item, merch/fashion, NFT drop, and participating brands.

THE final stretch - DREAM goals

These are our stretch goals for the project that we hope to obtain with the support of the community.

Continued Q&A + AMA video calls with NBA players and other basketball lovers period.

Hoops pick-up basketball club live in each city, renting out stadiums and unique locations to play basketball where the community votes.

3D printed designer Toys – Mini high quality basketball hoops for your desk.
Mini office Hoops to shoot on made with our designs.

Augmented reality basketball shooter. View your personal hoops NFT with augmented reality and play some mobile games and VR/AR headset games designed just for our community.

We plan to offer exclusive designer jerseys, street wear, and sneaker wearables for your avatars on the MetaCourts. Nothing but net. 

Weekly ticket giveaway. One NFT holder each week of the NBA season will receive 1 pair of tickets to an NBA game of their choosing.


We want to know what the online basketball community wants… Join our discord and let us know!


Hoops Team

Our Team is made up of basketball lovers first, and rockstars second.
We ball and have skills in marketing, art, game development, and programming.

Maso Rich


A basketball enthusiast, art producer of the Golden State Warriors NFT collection, and creator of Leraffe James on Instagram.

Ali Rahmoun

Art Director

His designs have been used by ESPN, NBA teams, NFL teams, EA Games, and much much more.

Shaw Walters

Lead Developer

Technical Crypto Systems Architect with 10 years in Software Engineering and Technical Media Production.

Szir777 + RyD + 3headscreating + Spixky

Discord marketing, security, and moderation team

The starting 5 of any NFT discord. This team does it all. From NFT collab work, sponsorships, community engagement, and more. Having worked with over 40 NFT projects they've dunked on just about everyone.

Matt Levs


NFT collector, all-around sports lover, animal-loving veterinarian

AJ Rompza + Crissa Jackson

Basketball Influencers

Crissa Jackson is an incredible athlete and social media superstar, with over 13 million followers on Tik Tok. AJ is the private tutor to many celebrities and a lights out 3-point shooter.

Questions & Answers

It is a collection of 10,000 unique Hoops living on Ethereum Blockchain. Each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked, and impeccably shaped to fit into the metaverse. 

Hoops was created by specialty graphic artists with different features including  the net, rim, backboard shape, the backboard material, the backboard pattern, a sticker, and hat. After creating the art the attributes were algorithmically generated using randomization to create certain super rare traits in the hoop art.

The mint price of Hoops will be dropped closer to launch since the price of Ethereum has fluctuated greatly. An estimate is .1 ETH. 

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